First Grade, Here She Comes!

Friday, 29 May 2020

My girl did it! She managed to pass Kindergarten. We were a little worried for a bit. Being quarantined was really difficult for her. Before distance learning, she was still learning how to sit still and do her work. When I became the teacher, she really struggled with getting all of the work done. I was working full time from home and just didn't have the time to ensure it all got done. But, we kept pushing through and we did it! I couldn't be more proud of my sweet girl. Can anyone else relate?


Kindergarten brought us more challenges than just distance learning. She, like many other Kindergarteners left school for Spring Break, but didn't get to return to school. Taking these photos was the first time Savannah had been to her school campus since March 6 when I picked her up from school. Not only was March 6 the last time she had the opportunity to see her friends and teachers, but also the last time she saw her dad in person. She's been through so much this year. I am incredibly proud of her for her perseverance.

I don't know about the rest of you, but I feel sad that she didn't get a Kindergarten graduation. It's so important to celebrate these milestones. I spent the last 6 years looking forward to a Kindergarten graduation that will never be. When I asked Savannah about graduation photos, she said she wanted photos to celebrate passing Kindergarten, so that's just what we did. We will be taking cap and gown photos this weekend. I can't wait to share!

I think it's important to recognize the support and love that has been extended to my family, and I'm sure all of the other families that attend Savannah's school. Even before distance learning, they lifted us up and supported us. They helped me to realize the impact of our home life on my sweet girl, and I will be eternally grateful for that. Thank you Mrs. Puckett and Mrs. Webb for loving Savannah during her ugly moments and not giving up on her. You'll be happy to know she is healing and returning to her kind and compassionate self. We are incredibly blessed to call RCSA home and look forward to returning next year for 1st grade!

PS. I did not make it through writing this without any tears.


  1. So very sweet. These photos are adorable, and I also didn't make it through your post without tears! We love you guys!!!!