It's OK To Leave

Monday, 25 May 2020

Someone out there needs to read this today. I want you to know that you are more than a victim of your abuser. I want you to know that you are strong enough to leave. You are strong enough because God is your strength. He will help you get out. He will keep you safe. How do I know this? Well, He said so. He has also shown me that His word is truth. He is keeping me safe from my abuser right now. If He will do it for me, He will do it for you too. He is so faithful, and He loves us so much.
A very wise woman, who walked the path of surviving before I told me that God will take care of everything if I put my trust in Him. She was so right! She told me that things would just keep falling into place. This same advice is for you too. You are strong enough to leave. Once you make the decision to leave, there will be helpers everywhere! The day I had the domestic violence injunction my car was breaking down. I made it to a car repair shop and the man gave me a cool drink (it was super hot) and fixed my car for a HUGE discount!
And you know what else? God isn't going to be angry with you or disappointed with you for leaving your abusive marriage. God wants you to be safe and happy and protected. It is ok to divorce an abusive husband. You should divorce an abusive husband.

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