Rebuilding My Life

Saturday, 23 May 2020

This morning I woke up late. I don't feel all that great, so I've really been dragging my feet. It's now the afternoon, and I've just now sat down for my daily devotional time. Until I spend time with Him, I usually feel pretty empty inside. Now that I've spent some time with my Heavenly Father, I feel better.
With all of the life changes happening for my family, I've really been struggling with feeling inadequate. I know that I am good enough and strong enough. I know that I am resilient. As terrible as things have been lately, I've survived worse. Sometimes those feelings really get me down though. I'm getting better at pushing them aside so they don't get in the way of God's truth. His truth is WAY more pleasant than my feelings.
This season I'm in is a time for rebuilding and healing. This is NOT a time for restoration. We tried that, but my husband just was not willing to participate. Now I am being rebuilt with a stronger foundation in the Lord than ever before. I am in a place where I can focus on the things I'm passionate about. I don't know what I'll look like after this rebuilding season, but I know I'll be pretty great. I can't be anything else but great with God doing the building!

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