The End of My Homblette Life

Sunday, 17 May 2020

I've taken off my wedding ring. I won't be putting it back on. I tried for so many years to make a happy, healthy Homblette life. My husband wanted no part of happiness or healthy. He was always incredibly mean to me. He abused me physically, emotionally, financially, and verbally for almost our entire marriage. He often embarrassed me in front of my family and friends by being mean to me publicly. I don't regret a second of it.
Enduring my husband and loving him through his most ugly and terrifying moments has taught me a lot and strengthened me in many ways. I've learned how to love the unloveable. I've learned how to extend grace and mercy to others. I've learned how to keep myself safe. I've learned to stand up for myself. Most importantly; I've learned how to love myself.
I am able to walk away knowing that I loved him deeply every moment. I fought hard just to keep him alive. I fought for him when he couldn't fight for himself. I propped him up when he couldn't stand. I loved my husband through some pretty difficult times. Through this marriage, I have been strengthened in a way I can't describe. I've learned kindness and compassion. I've learned to stand on God's promises and to trust Him.
He has never given me more than I can handle. I've seen darker times than these and lived to tell the tale. God has me right where He wants me. This may be the end of my Homblette life, but it's just the beginning of my Jessica life!


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  2. I've so proud of you Jessica for coming out of this ordeal with so much positive energy. I am proud of you for standing your ground, standing up for yourself, and most importantly standing up for your girls. You are teaching them so much as well, through your fight to keep the three of you safe and happy. You are teaching them they don't need to put up with that type of behavior either. I love you!

    1. Thank you so much! I think God made you my sister for such a time as this. Your love, support, and encouragement have played such a HUGE role in my life. I'm so grateful for you.